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Traveling Exhibitions

Cortona On The Move is now offering for lease a varied selection of photographic exhibitions which have been on show in previous editions of the festival. Listed below are the currently available exhibitions sorted by photographer's name, exhibition title and subject matter, including links to further information and technical details for downloading.

The maximum leasing period for each exhibition is 8 weeks, but we will make every effort to satisfy your individual requirements.
All Cortona On The Move photo exhibitions are delivered ready-framed, packed and labelled, however they are not furnished with titles or printed description panels. These are available separately in digital format ready for the leaser to print locally at his expense.
When the exhibition material is ready for shipment the leaser will be given a check list of all exhibits included in the consignment.

Exhibition Leaser's Responsibilities:

The leaser is responsible for paying all exhibition duties and fees, transport costs (which can be organised either by the leaser's preferred carriers or by our own shippers) and an insurance policy that covers the entire period of the exhibition itself as well as transportation to and from the site. The insurance certificate should specify both transport cover and exhibition cover and should be accompanied by a layout drawing of the proposed exhibition rooms.


Antonio Carloni: +39 328 6438076 
Sarah Carlet: +39 339 8437083
Simona Nandesi: +39 338 8109584

Please contact us for further details and info about specific exhibitions, exhibition taxes / duties and any additional visual material that you may need for display purposes.
All conditions in our contracts and agreements with exhibition leasers that refer to safety regulations, environmental control and all other aspects associated with hosting an exhibition are drawn up in full compliance with the standard museum leasing regulations.

Otsuchi Future Memories
Alejandro Chaskielberg
James Whitlow Delano
Alexander Gronsky
6th Continent
Mattia Insolera
Ich bin Waldviertel
Carla Kogelman
Phillip Toledano
La Ville Noire, the Dark Heart of Europe
Giovanni Troilo
Blue Sky Days
Tomas Van Houtryve

Traveling exhibitions 2014

A Map of Latin American Dream
Martin Weber
Arrivals and Departures
Jacob Aue Sobol
Land Inc.
Portraits of America
Willam Albert Allard
Theater of Life
Tomasz Lazar
Alvaro Laiz
Taking my Time
Joel Meyerowitz
Christian Lutz

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