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Wa!Japan Film Festival, in collaboration with Cortona On the Move, promotes, for its fifth editon, an open call for photographers. A story, a journey, a contemporary reportage about Japan, showing your point of view, without limits or filters, in full freedom.

WA!Japan Film Festival, with its soul divided between the tradition and the modernity of a country so rich in contradictions, joins Cortona On The Move, one of the greatest photography festivals, also defined “major event” by Times, to describe Japan through the photographic language.

The selected works will be printed by Cortona On The Move and exhibited in a special location in the historical center of Florence during the WA!Japan Film Festival (June 2015).
The works will be selected by a committee composed of the Cortona On The Move committee and members from the WA!Japan Film Festival.
The competition is free and open to all photographers, regardless of gender, age and nationality.


  • Minimum 10 Maximum 20 photos.
  • Images must be accompanied by a text of maximum 15 lines.
  • Deadline for sending photos: May 5th, 2015 C.E.T.;
  • The submitted photos must be authentic and belong to the sender;
  • In case of a four handed project, it is necessary to present a release note of the subject;
  • Image files have to be in high resolution, to allow a high resolution printing (e.g. an image file size 24x36 inches should be at least 300 DPI);
  • The association ONTHEMOVE will be in charge of the prints that will become part of its archive and of the Japanese Cultural Association Tokaghe, in the context of WA! Japan Film Festival, as mutually agreed with the photographer, will have the freedom to use them for other events;
  • The participation to the #AroundJapan contest automatically authorizes the cultural association ONTHEMOVE and the Japanese Cultural Association Tokaghe, in the context of WA!Japan Film Festival, to be able to use individual images or entire projects for promotion;

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WA!Japan Film Festival

The WA!Japan Film Festival, organized by the Japanese Cultural Association Tokaghe, has been promoting for five years the Japanese culture in Italy, through cinema and art. It shows, in a first national preview, the best films of last year’s Japanese production, including essays films, independent films and pop films. On one side it tells the tradition, through the art of kimono, tea ceremony and handicrafts, on the other side it pictures the present time, with events linked to the visual culture, ranging from graphics to photography. In the prestigious setting of Florence, and for the second year also in Milan, the Festival activates the exchange and the meeting between the two countries, proposing itself as one of the largest festival of Japanese culture in Italy and the only one dedicated to cinema and visual languages.

Cortona On The Move

Since 2011, ONTHEMOVE Cultural Association has organised one of the most important photographic festivals in the world. Past editions have hosted 83 prestigious exhibitions by some of the world’s greatest contemporary photographers, including Joel Meyerowitz, William Albert Allard, Jacob Aue Sobol and Jon Lowentein. Over 120 photo editors from top international news media and journals (such as TIME, New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, British Journal of Photography, La Repubblica, Newsweek and RRM) have taken part in the Festival, helping us to organise seminars, cultural events, workshops and portfolio readings. ONTHEMOVE Cultural Association, supported by its private and institutional partners, has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with, actively and attentively promoting the Festival as one of the major innovative trends in photography and the visual arts today.

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